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Plot Update 10 March 2021

A year has passed since Fire Lord Zuko ascended the throne, and it seems like trouble is brewing between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom once more. The Fire Lord and the Avatar began the Harmony Restoration Movement to restore the Fire Nation Colonies to their pre-war state by bringing any Fire Nation nationals back home, but for many of the citizens — of mixed Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom … Read more ›

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Mike & Bryan leave Netflix Adaptation

The original creators of ATLA quit the Netflix series, citing creative differences & an unsupportive environment.


Post by A Long Display Name on Oct 2, 2020 18:30:57 GMT -6

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- NGL I bet this will be my result when I go back into the eye doctor too :X

My shoulder still hurts. I'm not really giving it an appropriate time to rest tbh but there's not a whole lot I can do about it.
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Post by Gia on Oct 10, 2020 14:52:00 GMT -6

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Yay for worsening eyesight. </sarcasm> And I'm sorry about your shoulder. :/


I was supposed to be watching a live stream of my friend's wedding that was supposed to start an hour and a half ago. At this point, I've given up, and am hungry now, so I got into my pajamas again and went back downstairs. No one ever posted, and it doesn't even look like her sister has been online at all since this morning, so I'm not sure what happened. I just hope everything went well and that's she's happy.
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Nov 28, 2020 16:54:04 GMT -6

Post by Deleted on Nov 28, 2020 16:54:04 GMT -6

I'm thinking about how soon is too soon to bring in another character. And which character. I have quite a few A:tLA ocs. Una's my favorite (and my newest), but I do love my other ladies. I have Kai-tian, a deaf woman and hobbiest astronomer who's the wife of a Dai Lee agent, and I have Tai-re, a scrappy eleven year old street urchin born under a bridge in the slums of Ba Sing Se who makes her living sweeping streets and carrying bags for rich ladies for a coin. 

I tend to view my rps and rp characters quite similarly to the rest of my writing-- I work with themes and tropes (often times aiming to subvert them). And a theme I love working with is girlhood, or the trials and tribulations of growing up as a young woman in a hostile world. Una's a brutal example. Kai-tian and her children a softer one. Much more privileged. My characters tend to have elements in common, but enough differences that they can all stand in contrast. I also love themes of motherhood, parent/child dynamics in general, and feminine power. My singular favorite trope is that one scene in Brave where Queen Elinor walks in and an entire room of brawling men falls dead silent and stands in shamed attention as she quietly and regally processes down the center of the room, stunned by the sheer authority she commands through her gentleness. Like that? That gets my writer brain going. Hence why I tend to make non-combatant characters. Of my three main ocs, Una, Kai-tian, and Tai-re, only Tai-re is a bender, and even then she's never had access to any sort of training. 

Kai-tian doesn't need to fight. She uses her intellect and her connections to keep herself and her family safe. Una... does need to fight, but doesn't know how. She relies on luck and the kindness of others to survive. And she's very good at knowing when it's time to run away. 

I don't know-- I'm rambling. But that being said-- would people like to see the Dai Lee agent's wife or the eleven year old homeless kid next?

Oh! Secondary thought. I have two different animal hybrids that I've made up, over the years. One I tend to associate with Una, the other with Tai-re. Una's animal is the sparrow mouse. Sparrow mice are small, timid, and harmless creatures, often times caged and kept as pets. They are delicate and graceful, either considered cute or a pest, depending upon who you're asking. Tai-re's animal is the raccoon rat, a native to the dumpsters and gutters of Ba Sing Se. They are vermin, and very hard to get rid of, due to how resilient and resourceful they are. Can eat almost anything, and can climb super well. But also, generally, harmless. 

Would it be okay if I referenced these two species? 
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Post by A Long Display Name on Dec 4, 2020 18:34:28 GMT -6

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@laceanddoodles if you have a question / want to talk about RP ideas, it's probably better to put them in Help Centre or in the Plotting board! It's fine if you ramble about your RP thoughts here, but this area is really meant for out of character stuff!

Wurf, I need to find a better work / game / RP balance lmao. I needed to decompress from my last patch a lot and wound up doing literally nothing during my week off. Winter holiday break is coming up soon, so I fully intend to find that balance. 
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Post by Gia on Dec 5, 2020 16:05:24 GMT -6

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That's hard to do, but I know you can do it.


Getting up at 4:30 in the morning sucks, but I'm slowly getting used to the hours again. Now to find a second job....
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