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Contrasting experiences [Tag: Una]

Post by Yurai on Nov 30, 2020 3:31:39 GMT -6

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Yurai just received his birthday gift from Voli, and he was looking for somewhere safe he could use them in. She gave him Fire bending scrolls. He didn't know where she got them from, not that he cared. He was flying from how happy he was, he wanted to become a good Fire bender like his hero, General Iroh, Dragon of the west. He heard stories about his legendary prowess in battle, and he wanted to be even half as good as him.

Yurai had to walk for a couple of miles to find a river with sufficient distance from the trees. He didn't want to burn the forest to the ground with his fire bending, he was a nature lover after all. He opened the scrolls and put them on a stone. There were 7 scrolls in the chest Voli gave him, they were still sealed which was weird to say the least. He still didn't give it that much thought though. He started by opening the first scroll, which was a form he didn't know. The instructions were detailed, but he still failed even after a few hours of training. Why did he fail? He did not know. He followed all the instructions on the scroll, but he just couldn't do it. Surely the fire benders who wrote those scrolls were experts, so that is definitely the best way of doing it.

Something cut his train of thought though. He heard something, was someone following him? He stood up immediately and tried applying the form he was just learning. He thought he would be able to do it under pressure. Not that it matters, he wants to know what that sound was, and he will.
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