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Shelter Me, O Spirits [tag: Una]

Post by Hatsuharu on Nov 24, 2020 17:03:36 GMT -6

Hatsuharu Avatar
The sun was setting earlier and earlier these days. Hatsuharu stretched his mouth out into a genial smile as he ushered his last customer through their purchase and led them out the door.

"Come again," he said, voice cheery despite the ache in his muscles.

He couldn't wait to slip into his little studio upstairs and sink into a piping hot bath, courtesy of his firebending. He loved his job as a tailor, but there were times he missed the easy-going life of a pampered artisan's son. Not that he was that pampered all things considered, since his father couldn't stand him.

Hatsuharu waved his customer goodbye and watched as they headed off to their home. A strange pang filled his chest; he missed having someone to come home to. He and his partner hadn't worked out — not that it ever would have, considering how up the Fire Lord's arse his ex was — but having a warm body to nestle next to at night was a comfort he couldn't replicate alone.

He was just about to lock up the shop for the night when he spotted a lone figure coming down the road, looking haggard and out of place.
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Nov 24, 2020 17:30:42 GMT -6

Post by Deleted on Nov 24, 2020 17:30:42 GMT -6

It had been days since Una had last seen a town. And now, as her feet struck cobblestone, it was all she could do to contain her relief and excitement at the prospect of an inn. She had practically no money left, but perhaps she could find something cheap— or pay for her stay through mending or washing or whatever needed done. She just needed a bed. At least for a night. The child was still growing inside her, and a nagging instinct told her that a warm, dry, sleep and a hot meal, would do them both some good.

The girl made for an odd figure— she was small and lithe, dressed in a simple traveler’s kimono in dark colors, and she was entirely alone. The loneliness seemed to cling to her shoulders like a mist, making her look fragile and weary. Still, there was a smile on her face, and a fire behind her eyes.

Her plan was to go to Ba Sing Se. Preferably by way of Omashu, where she hoped that maybe she’d be able to acquire some documentation. As far as she knew, legally, Eom Unmeyong was dead. If she could get that record changed— Perhaps she could secure travel documents. Ride the ferry. She wanted her baby to be born within the walls of the city, where she could ensure that they would be safe and free. Ba Sing Se was a city of dreams, where anyone could start over and have a new life. Her plan was to find work as a weaver or a seamstress. Work until she could establish a clientele of her own, open her own shop. A two bedroom apartment. A life of making do with the minimum— never having to be afraid again. It seemed impossibly grand and impossibly mundane, all at once. Perhaps she’d have a window box. Perhaps she’d plant flowers.

There was the village’s inn— it doubled as a tea shop, from the looks of the sign. Across the way was a small tailor’s shop. Una’s little smile brightened. Perhaps she could stay put, for at least a few days. Make a friend, or at the very least, make a connection. She took a tentative step towards the tailor's shop, then another. 

It was evening, already, they were probably trying to close up. Logically, she knew she ought to rest and wait until the morning, but a deep instinct seemed to usher her forward until she was right in front of the door, staring up at the sign.
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Post by Hatsuharu on Dec 4, 2020 18:41:15 GMT -6

Hatsuharu Avatar
Haru blinked in mild surprise as the stranger walked right up to the door and looked up at the shop's sign. He tilted his head, studying her (he assumed) expression; she looked expectantly at the sign — or was she looking at him surreptitiously? — as if it held the answers to her woes. Her green eyes shone in the waning sunlight, and Haru thought again that she looked oddly out of place. She shouldn't, all things considered. With green eyes and brown hair, it was pretty clear she was of Earth Kingdom descent; if anything, she should look right at home in the Earth Kingdom.

Instead, she looked like a fish out of water.

He cracked open the shop door and raised an eyebrow at her.

"May I help you?" he prompted politely.

Was that a note of curiosity in his voice? Oh well.
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