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Plot Update 10 March 2021

A year has passed since Fire Lord Zuko ascended the throne, and it seems like trouble is brewing between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom once more. The Fire Lord and the Avatar began the Harmony Restoration Movement to restore the Fire Nation Colonies to their pre-war state by bringing any Fire Nation nationals back home, but for many of the citizens — of mixed Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom … Read more ›

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Mike & Bryan leave Netflix Adaptation

The original creators of ATLA quit the Netflix series, citing creative differences & an unsupportive environment.

Lonesome travels (open)

Sept 26, 2020 8:30:15 GMT -6

Post by Deleted on Sept 26, 2020 8:30:15 GMT -6

What an absolute mess this turned out to be. A short tan girl thought to herself as trekked down the forest trail. She adorned a simple green shirt, darker green pants, and black flats, her usual outfit stuffed away in the travel pack she clutched tightly in on hand. She had learned the hard way that the best way to not be exposed as a firebender was to not wear so much red, gee who woulda thunk it? Riju let out a small sigh as she continued on. Each step made a light crunch due to the leaves littering the forest floor, the sun's fading rays  subtly lighting her path, though she noticed that the light was fading more and more. I'm losing daylight! Curses. Looking up she could already see the sky painted in the colors of the sunset. With a sigh she reached over the canteen that hung just by her right hip and took a drink. Running low on water too.

However, like a miracle from the heavens, she spotted what seemed like the shimmer of water. Feeling a rush of energy she bolted forward, her feet pounding against the forest floor. A river! Yes! The forest opened up to a small clearing as she neared the riverbed. The sky was now a deep purple, stars beginning to peak from the sky as the sun began to disappear into the western horizon. With a sigh of relief she dropped her travel bag, containing her clothes and some food and one sleeping bag, and kneeled over the water, a relieved smile on her face. With her hands she cupped some water and took a nice refreshing sip.

"Ah!" She smacked her lips together as she took another sip. And then another. And then another. Once satisfied she dipped her canteen in to fill it up, but paused at the notice of her reflection.

I look like I'm Earth Kingdom. She frowned at herself. She knew why most folks didn't like Fire Nation, or Fire Benders, she just wished that that hatred didn't extend to her as well. She wished she could wear her nations colors, like her father had been able to do, and fire bend proudly. But fire was the dangerous element, the destructive element, the one that caused pain and suffering for many. The element people rightfully feared, and Riju could hardly blame them.

But that's why I'm on this journey in the first place! She reminded herself as she dipped her canteen fully in the water, obscuring her reflection in the process. To get back to my roots, to live with other fire benders, to be, well, me!

With that she began to set up camp. Taking out her sleeping bag she laid it out on the soft grass. A gust of cold wind blew past her causing her to shiver. Gonna need a campfire. Rushing to gather some firewood, and placed them in a small makeshift fire pit. She had brought anything to light it, then again she didn't need to. Holding up her pointer finger she steadied her breathing, a small flame manifesting just at the tip. The flame danced ever so slightly, it was almost like it had a heartbeat, one that was syncing with her own. Once the fire was lit she allowed the small flame to be burnt out.

Just as she prepared herself to slip into her sleeping back she stopped. She had heard a twig snap. Was someone out there? More importantly, did they see me?
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