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A Little Sight Seeing [TAG: Charumati]

Post by Lin Lua'Kahn on Sept 27, 2020 17:10:22 GMT -6

Lin Lua'Kahn Avatar
Lin snapped her fingers and nodded. "Alight I got it. We need to get out fast and there's no time to look for He-Lin and wave them off. We'll just have to trust she knows what she's doing. We'll both head out the same say using the usual sibling cover up. The guards saw me come in with that lady, but I bet they see us going they won't care too much."

"So... what we're just going to walk out of the gate together? What if they have us made by the time they get there?" Jozhou asked. 

"Simple, we high tail it. We know these woods better than these Fire Nation dorks, and if needed I can do a rock smacking once we're far enough from town. I haven't seen a single fire bender yet." Lin said, but her last words bothered her even after she said it. She hadn't seen any fire benders amongst the soldiers, or even among the guards. She frowned, and that got Jozhou to groan aloud. 

"Oh great, what now?" He grumbled and Lin shook her head, waving the thought away. 

"Nothing, we just need to go. Come on." She brushed past Jozhou and grabbed him by the scruff of his collar when he hesitated. Bodily dragging him, yet again, out of the alley way. Once again donning the vision of an angry sibling. Although this time the 'angry' was a bit more muted. What had happened to all the fire benders? Usually even podunk towns like this had a handful of fire benders on patrol. Usually officers or some kind of upper echelon to keep the regular soldiers in check. The only officers she'd seen were normal fire army troopers. 

Lin shook the thought from her head, no time to be concerned about that right now. She stalked through the streets with Jozhou just on her heels. Within minutes she was within sight of the eastern gate, and she made a beeline straight towards it. Ignoring the villagers and merchants in the market stalls out beside it. She had to hope the cover story from earlier held up, and that the guards here wouldn't think twice about seeing her again. They skirted past a patrol doing it's rounds through the square before the gate, but beyond the casual glances no one seemed to pay them much mind. 

The hairs on the back of Lin's neck stuck up as she strode straight through the gate and out beyond the walls. Waiting for someone, anyone, to say a thing. 
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Post by Charumati on Oct 2, 2020 19:18:20 GMT -6

Charumati Avatar
With the wagon wheel finally fixed, Charumati had little excuse to linger in the town. She frowned, uncertain of the fate of the two young people she had hopefully rescued from making an enormous mistake. Lee noticed her gaze drifting back to the gate and took a step a side to block her line of vision with an apologetic smile.

"Lee," she started.

"Madam," he replied, every bit as chipper as she was exasperated. He grinned at her, and Charumati sighed in defeat.

"I suppose you're right," she muttered as he helped her into the carriage, taking care to lift her trailing silk robes in after her. "The guard haven't sounded an alarm, and even if they did there is very little I could do without compromising us. But still..."

She looked at the gates again, and Lee tutted in sympathy before shutting the carriage door firmly closed.

Charumati settled back, fanning herself lazily. She could not, and would not, compromise the Order. Moreover, she needed to find out what was happening in this town; it was very strange, and a jeweller that could mean the difference in class of colonist coming from the homeland didn't disappear for no good reason. She racked her brain, trying to figure out if she had done or said anything that could cast suspicion on the man, but she could think of nothing. She had communicated primarily through the use of messengers and other, non-Order employees of the Shanxi Group as her parents did before her.

No. She needed to leave, and needed to do so quickly.

Lee was clearly of the same opinion. He snapped the reigns, and the ostrich-horses set off for home. Charumati cast one last look back at the town, and saw two figures hurrying away. With a soft, whispered wish to the benevolent spirits of the Spirit World, she turned her attention to the road.

[OOC: I think we can call this thread done, yeah? Send me a PM if you want to start a new thread!]
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Post by Lin Lua'Kahn on Oct 3, 2020 13:07:55 GMT -6

Lin Lua'Kahn Avatar
Lin did not truly calm down until she and Jozhou were well out of sight of the town walls and surrounded to either side by the tall red-leaf trees and the thick underbrush. Quickly they found the path off the trail to where they had first parted ways, and in short order Lin had found the tree with her armour. She planted the bundle of sticks against the trees and pulled the covered to allow the twigs to tumble away and reveal the guan dao underneath. Lin armed herself quickly as Jozhou waited off to the side. And all the while she grumbled and groused. 

"None of the intel we got was even remotely correct. The town is far better guarded than we expect, and they've got reinforcements. The outside of town isn't well protected but the granary is practically a fortress. There's no way we could get in and steal anything..."

"We've done our job, that's all that matters. We'll tell the boss and he'll think of something. He always does." 

Lin put on her helmet and snatched the guan dao from the tree, rounding on Jozhou with a scowl. 

"What? He's just going to make an entire fire nation army disappear?" Lin snapped and the other just shrugged. 

"Maybe he will? Come on lets get to the rendezvous point." Jozhou said with an exasperated wave of his hand before starting off through the trees. Lin hesitated only a moment before she herself growled a quiet curse and stalked off through the woods after him. Maybe their third member had figured something out they hadn't. 

((OOC: I agree. I will send you a PM, though I am considering where next for Lin to go.))
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