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Finding Your Place [Tag: Kanea]

Post by Quan-Li on Dec 6, 2020 14:50:58 GMT -6

Quan-Li Avatar
Wow, Kanea was jumpy... she definitely struck Quan-Li as someone who didn't get spend too much time around people, or had been attacked quite a bit - or both. He didn't take offense to it. They were strangers, after all, and as a young woman, he was sure she had to be more careful than he would. "It's okay. No harm done," he said, hoping to placate her a bit. She was hard to read, though that didn't normally bother him. She wasn't meeting his eyes. That could be because of nerves, though. He had already thought last night that she seemed like someone that didn't spend a whole lot of time around other people, but it was also possible that he was simply overthinking it trying to figure her out. She was such a mystery to him, and he wasn't sure how he felt about that. On the other hand, she didn't owe him anything.

When he saw her take one of the fish, indicating that it was done despite the fact that she had told him already to help himself, he reached over and took one and began to eat. He caught the apple when it was thrown. "Thanks, and pretty well. The walls certainly help me sleep better at night," he said. "Less chance of people trying to mess with me because I'm travelling alone." That still happened, of course, but not nearly as much. He was also sure that he was not bothered as much as she would be. Being a woman, that probably happened more than she liked. She seemed like someone could handle herself, though. At least that was the feeling that he had gotten since she had wandered into his camp last night.

"Same. I can build a shelter easily enough for when it rains, but I'd prefer not to be in between towns when that happens, you know?" Quan-Li told her. He had set the apple down in his lap, and was eating the fish. It was easier to already be in town when the weather turned bad, but since he usually kept moving, it made it a pain in the ass to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm.

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Post by Kanea on Jan 1, 2021 17:15:09 GMT -6

Kanea Avatar
Kanea hated not being sure about this whole situation and decided to just go ahead and get it over with. Slowly she dared to raise her gaze and look at him. Part of her thought that it would have been nice to be born an Earthbender, yet that would mean that she wouldn't be who she was today. Quickly she shook off such silly thoughts because it was important to concentrate on what was going on. Without thinking her lips twitched in amusement at how easy going he was. On the other hand she was still a bit on edge not sure what to make of him.

At least he was true to his word and didn't try anything with her last night or else she would have taken care of him herself. It did make her wonder if anyone had messed with him before, those green eyes of his looked so honest. “True, unless their dumb enough to pick a fight without having all the information on a person.” The young swords-woman replied before she could help herself and promptly shut her mouth before it could get her in any trouble. Or possibly give more insight to how she thought, for her it was now a normal way to think. And yet for others it might seem like a cold assessment, slowly she looked down and took another bite of her fish and slowly chewed. “Um, it must make your life easier to be an Earthbender.”

Once the words left her lips she felt so stupid and wanted to run away, she took a sip of water before taking a bite of her apple. If anything he was nice to look at even though she had a hard time talking to him.
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Post by Quan-Li on Jan 9, 2021 12:00:06 GMT -6

Quan-Li Avatar
Kanea was… jumpy. Quan-Li wasn’t sure that was the right word. She seemed like a woman who spent a lot of time alone, and had to fight to protect herself. He wondered if she just needed to see that not everyone was ready to kill her or attack her for some reason. “It’s okay,” he said, not wanting her to feel bad for what is clearly a reflex. She had gotten him fish, to pay him back for yesterday, so she wasn’t that bad. She just needed some time and patience. He wasn’t holding it against her. He didn’t know her story, and she didn’t know his. They were strangers who owed nothing to each other.

Quan-Li put his comb back right as she threw an apple at him. “Thank you,” he said. That was a nice treat. He didn’t always have access to those things. He set it in his lap before grabbing the fish. “I slept well enough last night. I think I’ve gotten used to sleeping on the ground, but I still prefer when I stay in a town and get to sleep in bed. Travelling a lot, though, you get used to it.” The walls helped, too. Only another Earthbender would likely being able to get through them, and most see them and go elsewhere.

“Yeah, rain puts a damper in travel.” Quan-Li always hated when he had to stop everything and hunker down away from a town when it rained. “I was thinking… about taking a bath later,” he suggested, figuring to just suggest it now instead of waiting “I can put up a wall between us, if you want to take a bath, too.” He pointed to a stream nearby their campsite. If she didn’t, then he could block himself out from her to give him some privacy. And give her some space, if she wanted it.

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