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On Our Way [tag: Bairu]

Post by Lakano on Oct 8, 2020 21:59:22 GMT -6

Lakano Avatar
Lakano appreciated how much Bairu worked while they were in towns. While he still had some money left from home, though that was Water Tribe money of course, and the money had gotten from the boat, he felt a bit… unhelpful, if that was the right term. He didn’t feel like he did enough. He watched the campsite, sure, which wasn’t really needed. He got dinner, so that was… something. He practiced his Waterbending. He just felt… like he didn’t have enough things to fill his time if that even made sense. He spent most of his day just waiting for Bairu to come home, and while that was fine, sometimes he felt like he needed more to do... though he really didn't have anything else to do, and couldn't think of any way to spend his time other than doing more training.

Lakano nodded. “Sure, that sounds great,” he said. “Not much to do these days, anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to take another look around.” And it would be nice not to be alone all day. Bairu was his friend, and he really did enjoy his company. He finished off the baba. “So, shall we go then?” The girl with a crush had glanced over at them again, and for some reason, now it was getting a little bit annoying. “I’m sure we can find someplace to have some lunch if we get hungry after a while.” Besides, it would be best if they left before the girl tried to come over. Bairu could handle himself and the situation, but it would be easier if he didn't have to deal with it at all. Besides, Bairu wanted to look around, and they couldn't do that here.

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Post by Bairu on Oct 12, 2020 18:45:51 GMT -6

Bairu Avatar
Bairu couldn't help but feel bad when Lakano mentioned he hadn't much to do. He spent time with him whenever he could, he just needed to keep saving up for Earthbending tuition. But the longer he was with Lakano, the less he felt it was necessary. He wasn't about to give up on his childhood dream, but.....he wasn't in any rush to start his training. He had plenty of time, after all, and there was so much of the Earth Kingdom he still hadn't seen. He wasn't sure what would fix the problem of Lakano's loneliness for now, so he shoved the thought to the back of his mind. 

"Mhm!" Bairu stood, making sure the table was clean. He turned to give a grateful bow to the shop's employees, making sure to focus on the older lady at the front and keep his gaze off of the girl who'd been staring at him. "Thank you again, everything was wonderful. Goodbye." He didn't feel right just walking out when they'd been treated so well- a proper goodbye was warranted, at least. He tried to ignore the feeling he was being watched as they left the shop and stepped out into the sunlight. Bairu stretched his hands over his head as they started walking,"Fingers crossed there's at least one restaurant that likes live music!" He'd definitely be working on the street too, but he made a lot more money performing for small venues.

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Post by Lakano on Oct 23, 2020 16:31:52 GMT -6

Lakano Avatar
Lakano just gave them a brief nod, nowhere near as polite as Bairu was before they left the shop together. There was no reason for them both to be that nice… and it wasn’t his style anyway. It was Bairu’s, so he figured there was no reason for him to fake it with Bairu around. He felt better once they were out of the shop, as good as the food was. He felt better now that it was just the two of them, as ridiculous as that sounded. It shouldn’t make any difference at all, but for some reason, it did. He felt more like himself, more at ease, when it was just the two of them. For whatever reason, it was true, and usually, Lakano was glad for it.

“There always is,” Lakano pointed out. “I doubt there are many places to eat here in town; it’s not very big, but I’m sure there’s one that will want some good music while people eat.” If there wasn’t… well, then there was always playing on the street, like how they met. It was a possibility, though he knew that Bairu. “You’ll find one. You always do.” Then, Lakano would be left to wait for him until he got off work. Maybe he should find his own job, something to pass the time at least, but he wasn’t sure he could do… the only thing he was good at was Waterbending. He had money left over, so he didn't really need to work, but it would give him something to do the pass the time. On the other, practicing his bending was a good way to pass the time, too.
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