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Thank you for visiting TARP!

We just couldn't stay away, so our never-ending love for ATLA is your gain!

It's like there's a resurgence of early 00's shows and Avatar: the Last Airbender is apparently one of them. We've never stopped loving TARP, so we're bringing it back and going back to our roots as an ATLA forum.

We don't make this decision lightly. We've discussed a lot, brought on some fresh faces to help us out on the staff team, and even reached out to several of our former members on ways we can make TARP 2: Electric Boogaloo more enjoyable for everyone. With everyone's help, we think we've got it.

We hope you'll join us for TARP's reopening, which we expect to be sometime in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Signing off, once more: thanks, and happy roleplaying!
Gia & Kami

Canon App Guide
How to Apply
Right now, all canon character names are reserved. In order to apply send a PM to TARP Staff with the following information:
  • Subject: [Canon Name] Application
  • Message: [Your 1 to 2 paragraph RP sample that shows how you intend to RP in an average thread.
That's it! We'll send you a reply from this account on whether or not you've got it. If you do, then we'll free up the canon name so you can create a character account with that username as outlined in How To: Multiple Accounts and we'll take care of the rest. If you don't get the role, we'll let you know too so you won't be left hanging.
Why We Want Short Apps

We do Canon Apps a little differently on TARP.

Historically, the tradition in the RP community is to treat an application to play a canon character sort of like an audition. As a result, players strive to put their best foot forward, investing a tonne of time and effort into not just writing the profile itself, but hours and hours into a sample that captures every possible facet of emotion while weaving in complex backstories and narrative.

That seems like a lot of work to us, especially since how you RP when you're auditioning doesn't necessarily tell us how you'll handle the flow of actually interacting with other players.

To make canon apps easier for everyone involved, all we ask for is a one or two paragraph in-character sample, depicting the character in whatever scenario you wish, as if you were actually waiting on another player to respond. We don't need the backstory and history of the character, or how they look, or whatever—they're canon, after all, so we already know those things. All we're interested in is how you'll handle the character when playing with others. A longer or more detailed sample doesn't increase your chances, so keep your sample succinct and more in line with what you'd write in-game.

Good Luck!