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13 October 2018 — As the leaves fade to crisp reds and yellows in Fall of 172 AG, the RCPD is no closer to finding the party responsible for the death of the Reformist activist. Is the RCPD taking sides? It seems only a matter of time before the city is in open turmoil … Read More.

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Republic City Census

There are 003 Firebenders, 003 Earthbenders, 004 Waterbenders, 002 Airbenders, 002 Nonbenders, and 003 Plot NPCs living in Republic City.
Of these citizens, there are 006 Reformists and 008 Traditionalists.

Honoring the Past

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When the Equalists movement attacked, Songin had yet to enroll in the Republic City Police Academy, but such aspirations quickly rose to the fore.

With the fear and chaos of potentially losing one's bending or life due to mysterious villains and advanced technology, it was all Songin could do to stay alive. Keeping his love, Junetso, safe was at the forefront of his mind, but keeping himself and other benders safe was equally important. This wasn't a protest, this was a war no one saw coming, and it served to embroil in him a distinct hatred of all the criminals that had joined the so-called "movement" for supposed "change". They may or may not have had good intentions in the beginning, but the fact of the matter was, this was a criminal uprising, there was nothing political about it. That made it his duty to protect himself and others from their threat, particularly where the police force was already stretched thin trying to deal with them.

Songin remembers walking through the Market Borough with Junetso in hand when the Equalists put the city under siege. Dozens, perhaps even hundreds of protesters had formed in the streets, and he could see a very short man facing a crowd outside of his establishment, along with his workers. Junetso sensibly told him that they should find somewhere safe before they noticed us as well... Songin couldn't do it, and before the crowd grew too large for the man to handle, he convinced his love to follow his lead. Without formal training, and more bravery than brains, Songin used his Earthbending to back the crowd away, and his girlfriend assisted with her water bending as an implicit threat. The trio together was enough to keep the crowd from approaching too quickly and were able to keep one another safe for the rest of the night until the Equalists were defeated. That night was the longest of his life, protecting Junetso and the man he would come to known as .

It was because of that night, following the Equalists defeat, he decided to fulfill on his thoughts of joining the Republic City Police Academy. After a couple of years, losing the love of his girlfriend, and becoming a full-fledged metalbending cop, Songin decided he would visit the man that inspired his journey into law enforcement - to prevent the likes of a "revolution" again. Arriving off duty at the latest ZCS project, Songin begins to ask around.

"Hello, might I be able to speak with Mr. Wu? I understand he may be working, but I wanted to stop by, I'm a friend of his -  Songin." Songin asked someone kindly.
was standing near Sung Square, a stone-floored plaza that stood near large commercial buildings. It was a place normally filled with some food stands and the like, where the corporate drones had their lunch and breaks if they had enough time and the weather was nice. However, at the moment the place was in quite some disarray as a few days ago earthbenders destroyed much of the stonework on the square. The police already completed their investigation and ZCS was busy with the early work of repairing the damage. Songin was met by a young looking worker at the edge of the construction site, who seemed to recognize the name of the earthbender almost instantly.

"Wait... You are the cop! I have been on this job for two months but I think that I have heard the story from Master Zong four times already in different variation. Master Zong's tale even matches how you look in the flesh. He...um...likes to talk about such kind of things, the others say that it is some sort of right of passage. Yeah, sure, hold on a minute and I will get him!"

The lad didn't even waited for a reply before he jogged away to get his boss, who soon arrived after half a minute of waiting. Zong Wu arrived in a rather peculiar fashion. He was standing on a compact stone slab that he hovered himself with earthbending through the air, his arms raised and in position to make sure that he kept in motion. Zong Wu didn't do this (only) to be a show off as it solved a problem thanks to his condition. His legs were tiny and walking across and around the construction work was troublesome for even a long-legged person. This mode of transportation allowed Wu to keep himself mobile and keep a bird's eye view on all the work from time to time, though even he couldn't hold the slab in the air for an entire workday without getting a cramp.

Zong Wu landed in front of Songin, his appearance far too spotless for someone who oversaw a construction site filled with earthbenders. A smile was on the man's face as he saw Songin, and his loud voice almost overshadowed the earthbending that was performed in the back to get an unauthorized  rock pillar back in the ground. "Songin! It is good to see my favourite police officer! Are you here on business or are you here for me personally? I thought that the police were done with their investigation?"

((- Using the same construction site as in this thread, so a little more info about it in here:  A friendly rematch))

Songin was pleasantly surprised (but also completely unsurprised) to hear that his boisterous friend regaled his colleagues with stories of Songin. After all, the Equalist Uprising was the most significant recent event to have occurred in some time, and he just happened to have been involved with this man that night. Though he was curious as to what variations he may have come up with since then, considering the worker's words.

Shortly after the worker went to fetch Zong Wu, he was no sooner floating towards him on a stone slab. Admittedly, that was a new one for him, he didn't know you could do that. It made sense, of course, keeping rooted contact with the earth you are bending without actually being connected to the earth everyone stands on. It must be a difficult technique to master though, as separating oneself from the rest of the earth is typically against the general nature of earthbending. Fortunately, however, the limits of earthbending have never seen as much innovation as the modern one. Metalbending isn't even a full century old, but its convenience has seen its prominence skyrocket. He was living proof of it. It made him wonder just what the limits of bending might be... if there are any?

"The investigation is done, nothing to worry about Mr. Wu. I just heard about it in passing and your companies involvement with the cleanup. Figured I stop by and get my hands dirty. I've been flinging bits of metal everywhere for so long now, I worry I might forget my roots." Songin smiled to the older man, "Think you can help me that?" Songin place his right fist into his left palm with a measure of enthusiasm, looking forward to playing around in some old-fashioned dirt, and catching up with a person who at least partially inspired his current direction in life.