Previously, on Avatar...
After a grueling battle that destroyed parts of Republic City and left citizens mourning their losses, Equalist leader Amon died at the hands of Councilman Tarrlok. Avatar Korra and her associates are presumed dead, the smouldering remains of their airship found at the base of the northern mountain ranges.

Despite the newly-added nonbender council seat, anti-bender sentiment remained. The discovery of Amon’s true identity as a bender added fuel to the fires of civil unrest. Though the Equalists disbanded, what they started could not be undone. The status quo had been challenged, and there was no turning back.

From the shadows, a very old power smiled. It was time.
The arrival of the late spring, early summer of 172 AG marks a year and a half since the end of the Battle for Republic City. Newly-appointed Chief of Police, Jin Calayag, has his hands full: the pressure from the department to solve his predecessor's gruesome murder is mounting and the nonbender populace is growing more and more dissatisfied with the RCPD's handling (or lack thereof) of the alleged Triads attack on one of the Temples of Koh earlier in the year.

On top of that, the benders who were kidnapped the year before — most notably former professional probender Liang Wulong — have suddenly rematerialised with no memory of their captivity ... and worse, no ability to bend.

The gag order preventing any press from addressing the topic of the Galgori Six is still in effect, but this hasn't stopped rumours from snaking their way through the city. The tension between benders and nonbenders is so thick you can cut it with a knife, casting a pall over the United Republic. Manifestos proclaiming the inalienable rights of nonbenders appear daily, stuck on lamposts and billboards, on the windshields of satomobiles, and nailed to trees all over the entirety of the United Republic, not just in the capital.

The Monks of Koh continue to be a lifeline for the disenfranchised nonbenders. Shrines dedicated to the veneration of The Face Stealer double as soup kitchens and homeless shelters ... and, some would have you believe, recruitment centres for the Galgori Six. These accusations are bolstered by the Monks breaking with tradition and leaving their temples to tend to the poor and disenfranchised in the streets and in their homes. But, sympathy for the Monks and their nonbender charges is growing slowly, despite many who continue to insist the United Republic is being lured into a false sense of security.

Whatever the case, as much as United Republic citizens try to live their lives as normal, the mounting dread dulls even the brightests of days. They wait with bated breath for something — anything! — to happen as the rest of the world watches, finding themselves surrounded by suffering and intrigue, fearful of every whisper, every bump in the night. The other nations have issued a travel advisory: The United Republic is dangerous. Be careful. Watch your back. You never know who might be lurking in the shadows.
Who are the Galgori?
The Galgori were once a small nation of people with a curious quirk: no benders were born into their families. Looking to expand the borders of their empire, the Fire Nation invaded, then enslaved their Galgori neighbours for many generations.

During Fire Lord Sozin’s reign, the Galgori revolted. Sacrificing a third of their population to the Fire Nation’s forces, the remaining Galgori escaped and scattered throughout the Earth Kingdom. Sozin, too preoccupied with world domination, decided the Galgori were not worth pursuing. Battered and bruised, but far from beaten, the surviving Galgori declared The Long War: the erradication of all benders. They dedicated their lives to the study and pursuit of the arts of subterfuge, assassination, and combat in order to free the world of the bender scourge, an oath sworn to their patron spirit, Koh the Faceless.

During Fire Lord Ozai’s reign, the Galgori had long since assimilated throughout the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation Colonies, striking fear into the heart of all benders. The Galgori Six -- an autocratic council of the most powerful Galgori of the time -- dispatched a group of warriors known as The Hunt to capture Avatar Aang. Recognising the greater threat of a Fire Nation empire, The Hunt joined forces with the Avatar to quash Ozai’s ambitions.

In the present, most modern-day nonbending citizens of the United Republic of Nations and the Earth Kingdom have some small amount of Galgori heritage. Most of them, while aware of the impact Galgori have had on history, have no connection or even knowledge of the rigorous and deadly traditions Galgori once had to undergo. Contemporaries of Avatar Aang’s children may have more knowledge of the old ways, but they are a rapidly dwindling group.
The Galgori Six
The Six -- or the Galgori Six, if one is unfamiliar with where they originated from -- once struck terror in every bender’s heart. Brutal, ruthless, and unforgiving, the Six were shrouded in mystery, even amongst the Galgori. The identities of each of the Six was the most closely guarded secret. To this day, only one person, a man named Halaku, has ever discovered the identity of a member of the Six -- and he was immediately executed. The Six were almost never directly involved in enforcing their decisions, opting instead to work through a vast and complex network of agents: spies, assassins, moles, and informants.

Today, The Six are just as mysterious as ever, if they even exist. Rumours swirl about their identities. Perhaps they are the original Six, their lives abmormally extended by the powers of Koh. Or maybe they are are successors to the original Six. Or maybe they aren’t even a specific number of people and more a network of people adopting the name to form a collective. Whatever the case, The Six are fast becoming a household name once again; whether for good or for ill remains to be seen.
The Monks of Koh
The Monks of Koh were once the spiritual leaders of Galgori society. Up until the end of the Hundred Years War, the Monks played a prominent role in conveying the wishes of both The Six and Koh the Faceless to the people. They also oversaw marriages, funerals, and other important events such as a child’s coming of age. Rumours in non-Galgori cities held the belief that the Monks were granted powers by The Face Stealer to determine on sight if someone was a bender. Some rumours went so far as to accuse the Monks of deliberately removing any Galgori children born with bending abilities, as it was unfathomable to them that an entire group of people wouldn’t have a single bender in their ranks.

After the Hundred Years War, the Monks of Koh disappeared briefly only to resurface as a nonbender-oriented charitable organisation. In the present day, the Monks considered by many to be a force for good among the poorer cities and districts of the United Republic.

Their connection with arguably one of the most lethal groups of people in history had been all but forgotten until the re-emergence of The Six. While their behaviour has not changed, some are begining wonder if the Monks are, like their patron spirit, hiding their true face.
Special thanks to former members Halaku & Taed Xoa for the original writings about the Galgori.
We have deviated greatly from the original concepts to accomodate plot changes on TARP.