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13 October 2018 — As the leaves fade to crisp reds and yellows in Fall of 172 AG, the RCPD is no closer to finding the party responsible for the death of the Reformist activist. Is the RCPD taking sides? It seems only a matter of time before the city is in open turmoil … Read More.

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Republic City Census

There are 003 Firebenders, 003 Earthbenders, 004 Waterbenders, 002 Airbenders, 002 Nonbenders, and 003 Plot NPCs living in Republic City.
Of these citizens, there are 006 Reformists and 008 Traditionalists.

Review Status [Updated 31 January 2019] Jan 31, 2019 12:42:43 GMT -6

Plotting Aspirations [Aspirant] Feb 3, 2019 21:27:12 GMT -6

Welcome to arata, our newest Firebender!

Welcome to Republic City

Home of the rich, richer, and richest; a very affluent mixed residential and commercial district.


EVENT: Ghosts and Ghouls and Goblins, Oh My!

Nov 13, 2018 14:21:56 GMT -6

Ichiro Watashi Avatar

The political, and cultural center of Republic City, mixing modern and traditional.


All the Leaves are Brown...

Oct 20, 2018 11:03:28 GMT -6

Ling Avatar

Just shopping centres, kiosks, small shops and restaurants, and outdoor markets.


Meeting at Watashi's

Oct 13, 2018 11:06:07 GMT -6

Kioko Avatar

A residential area with a high population of nonbenders and the highest amount of poverty.


Unlikely Bedfellows

Nov 7, 2018 0:08:48 GMT -6

Kioko Avatar

Built on many hills, most temples have numerous stairs or long ramps leading to their respective temples.


Be the Leaf

Sept 6, 2018 13:33:52 GMT -6

Ren Avatar

Republic City’s economic and administrative centre as well as its historic birthplace.


Leaf-wilting Wind

Dec 27, 2018 19:09:28 GMT -6

Akane Avatar

Kami Avatar
OK Internet is more stable, I'll get to the replies I owe soon!
Oct 24, 2018 11:42:51 GMT -6
Aspirant Avatar
Sorry about my lack of replies! I will get to them soon, just a little distracted by those pesky things like university studies, bleck!
Oct 26, 2018 11:50:19 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
lol, no worries ! Your studies > TARP, always! Thanks for letting us know :D
Oct 26, 2018 12:29:46 GMT -6
zebrilus Avatar
Just a heads up that I am busy as well, and will remain so till the 4th of November! After that I will join you all in merriment and posts.
Oct 30, 2018 15:06:08 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
Just so you know, we have a Leaving & Returning thread so you guys can pop in and out as you need and the message won't be lost if others use the chat (it only keeps the 20 most recent entries).
Oct 30, 2018 16:30:27 GMT -6
makishima Avatar
Evening chums
Dec 7, 2018 8:07:45 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
Dec 9, 2018 21:33:02 GMT -6
wan Avatar
Dec 19, 2018 16:20:16 GMT -6
wan Avatar
Is this... site active?
Dec 19, 2018 16:20:43 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
i mean. we try to be. but gia and i work full time.
Dec 21, 2018 1:41:24 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
i don't know where everyone else is.
Dec 21, 2018 1:41:29 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
honestly it's just me and gia right now, but we are alwasy welcoming anyone else who wants to join us! and if you have any ideas on how to prod us along we're excited to hear them
Dec 21, 2018 1:42:26 GMT -6
wan Avatar
It's a beautiful site. I intend to join, I just hope it's not me by my lonesome. XD
Dec 23, 2018 1:52:14 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
Gia and I are still here! :)
Dec 24, 2018 14:08:52 GMT -6
akio Avatar
Wanted to check if this was something still going on. I see no one is on right now but I figure I'll check back later. I thought about just going ahead and reading all the things and getting an application, but I've done that before and know better now.
Jan 10, 2019 23:28:32 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
I mean we're here. Gia and I work full time but it's honestly just us
Jan 12, 2019 15:36:39 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
I don't know where everyone else went honestly. They all took 'temporary' breaks for school and stuff and never came back ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jan 12, 2019 15:37:42 GMT -6
Gia Avatar
Yeah, but Kami and I are always around! It may not seem like it becuase we're but we're here. :)
Feb 11, 2019 16:06:18 GMT -6
Lorsynth Avatar
Been waiting to join up for a while now, I'll probably loiter for a week or two while I get comfortable. <3 The forum is just so damn pleasing to the eyes.
Feb 14, 2019 4:33:11 GMT -6
Kami Avatar
You're always welcome (: It's slow but Gia and I are here, we promise
Feb 14, 2019 18:17:01 GMT -6

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