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Plot Update 10 March 2021

A year has passed since Fire Lord Zuko ascended the throne, and it seems like trouble is brewing between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom once more. The Fire Lord and the Avatar began the Harmony Restoration Movement to restore the Fire Nation Colonies to their pre-war state by bringing any Fire Nation nationals back home, but for many of the citizens — of mixed Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom … Read more ›

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We're making some changes to adjust to our new plot. Sorry for the delay! We will be up and running shortly.

Mike & Bryan leave Netflix Adaptation

The original creators of ATLA quit the Netflix series, citing creative differences & an unsupportive environment.

Hope we manage to get up and running again!

Post by Ninavask on Apr 18, 2021 17:36:13 GMT -6

Ninavask Avatar
Hey all,

I know the site went a bit quiet for a while there but here's hoping we can get everything up and running again. Are there any ongoing stories now that the plot has updated? I know I need to figure out where Lin will be. Probably the Fire Nation Colonies at this point still but free from the freedom fighters movement and doing her own thing. 

If anyone wants to start up a story with me let me know! 
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Post by Gia on Apr 19, 2021 18:44:33 GMT -6

Gia Avatar
Yes, I hope so, too!

is still making updates to the site before we do a mass reopening, but it's coming, I promise!
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Post by Kami on Apr 19, 2021 21:39:54 GMT -6

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Hey, sorry for the delays! We should be up and running by the end of the week, if all goes well — I just relocated to be closer to my office, so things have been a little hectic on my side.

Any ongoing stories now would be based on what you have decided for your character(s) to accommodate the time shift. Reach out to your RP partner(s) to arrange any continuations, and of course, you're totally free to create new "present-day" plotlines as well.
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