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Plot Update 14 Aug 2020

Long ago, the Four Nations lived in harmony; then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him the most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I found the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang, and although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he saves anybody. But I believe Aang can save the world … Read more ›

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Mike & Bryan leave Netflix Adaptation

The original creators of ATLA quit the Netflix series, citing creative differences & an unsupportive environment.

Grand (Re)Opening!

Wild ostrich-horses couldn't keep us away. Saddle up, friends, it's time for TARP take two.

Hiatus Notifications

Post by TARP Staff on Aug 11, 2020 17:46:11 GMT -6

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Going on an extended hiatus?

If you know you'll be going on an extended hiatus (over 2 weeks without logging in) please let us know in this thread! If you're able, we'd greatly appreciate knowing when you estimate you'll return. Please use your OOC account to post notifications.

Don't forget, before you go on hiatus please either close out your private RPs, or make your character's exit from an open RP.

This is a notifications only thread, so if you want to chat to someone about their hiatus, please send them a PM.
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Post by Beverly on Aug 20, 2020 11:29:10 GMT -6

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I'm moving soon, so I'm taking a leave of absence to handle... all of that. I'm hoping to return by September 15th.
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Post by Vanessa on Aug 20, 2020 14:48:58 GMT -6

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I am also moving, so I'll be on hiatus for the same length of time, September 15th. Phew, there is a lot of stuff going on.  :-S  See you all then! <3
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Post by Kami on Sept 5, 2020 16:38:56 GMT -6

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Hi friends! I am here, but posting and such will be slow; I have an issue with my rotator cuff and my arm is in a sling for the next two weeks. Typing with one hand is very tedious, so replies will take a little longer than usual.

Thanks for understanding!
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Post by michelangelo on Oct 7, 2020 13:43:00 GMT -6

michelangelo Avatar
Hi all,

I can't post on the hiatus thread, so posting here. I am still here and should reply today. Been busier at work than usual. Usually I try to reply within two days. Sorry!

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