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13 October 2018 — As the leaves fade to crisp reds and yellows in Fall of 172 AG, the RCPD is no closer to finding the party responsible for the death of the Reformist activist. Is the RCPD taking sides? It seems only a matter of time before the city is in open turmoil … Read More.

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Republic City Census

There are 003 Firebenders, 003 Earthbenders, 004 Waterbenders, 002 Airbenders, 002 Nonbenders, and 003 Plot NPCs living in Republic City.
Of these citizens, there are 006 Reformists and 008 Traditionalists.

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You ♪ ♫

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I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little more informally! I'm bad at starting threads so I'll just dive in :D

So, I'm Kami and I'm currently 30 years old. I joined TARP in November of 2005, about a month after Gia created it, as a global mod / site designer. The designs I made back then were super cringe and thank goodness I improved, haha. I'm a freelance web designer / developer / producer, and on the side I make little crochet projects like shawls and scarves and stuff. I'm currently teaching myself javascript and python, as well as Japanese.

I play a LOT of video games (Pokémon and League of Legends primarily, used to be a big Bioware nerd until they stopped making good games releasing new titles), love to read cosy mysteries, and watch a variety of American shows — current favourites: B99 and The Good Place — as well as anime and J- and K-drama. I'm also a massive LotR and HP buff and I read the books / watch the films of each at least once a year.

I met my fiance here on TARP though he's not a member anymore, and we just celebrated our nine year anniversary (: Also I have a cat named Leto and he's seven this year and a big fat dummy that I love.

What about you guys?
Great idea!

I'm Gia. As Kami mentioned, I started this site 13 years ago almost exactly. At the time, there was only one ATLA site and I didn't like the way it was being run, so I made my own. I knew Kami from a LOTR site (that is no longer active). I was 19 at the time, and am now 32. I have an AAS in Multimedia and Web Design, but I am working a server at a hotel. I am also trying to learn Russian, which is going very slowly lol, but I'm trying.

I write fanfiction and run some Yuri on Ice RP blogs on Tumblr. I am obsessed with YOI, by the way, just putting that out there. (Since Kami mentioned it, though, I too also love HP a lot. Proud Slytherin here.)

Um... when I'm not working, aside from writing, I watch a lot of TV (currently watching Manifest, BBBT, Young Sheldon, DWTS, Let's Make a Deal, Price is Right, Fate Apophryca American Horror Story and am rewatching Queer as Folk). I watch anime, as well, and am planning to rewatch Inuyasha and Death Note soon. Um, I love figure skating... I am currently reading Beren and Luthein by JRRT, but put that on hold to read Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice.

Um... Oh, yeah, I have a cat. 15 pounds. Black. Named Ares.

That's it.

I'm Taed (rhymes with "stayed"), and about to turn 32 in three and a half weeks. I also joined TARP in November in 2005 but I left..... I don't know when? Kami tagged me in a post about it back in 2013 but I don't know if that was just after I'd left or right before. Real life, man. Always getting in the way of a good time.

Anyway in real life, I am a "technical records clerk / receptionist" (programmer / trainer / webmaster / glorified money taker) at an electric and natural gas utility co-op in northern Michigan, as well as a pianist / singer / worship leader at two churches. Attended Michigan State University for five years for Music Education but dropped out to take care of my (at the time recently) divorced mother and her house bills, no degree; then I attended North Central Michigan College at half credits for an Associates of Arts but had to drop out again due to financial aid problems, still no degree. I'm now an almost-divorced father of a threenager, still besties with my un-spouse, and still taking care of rent and bills for my mother and stepdad and a millionty animals. 

I am an active LARPer in the continent-wide Alliance LARP organisation, an avid Pokemon Go player (and the "professor" and Facebook group leader for my entire county), a national anthem singer, ordained minister in ULC and preparing to study full time ministry in the UMC, and am another massive Harry Potter fan (until about a month ago I was a staff member on the Magical Hogwarts RP but "retired" to let me focus on actually roleplaying). Irish and Welsh by blood, I speak a smattering of both languages but not anything in the way of real fluency.

Also, I have a cat. Of my own, that is, not my family's. He is also black, and is named Ciaran (which is Irish for "little black one," how creative hurhurhurhur).

Anything else, pretty much ask me, I'm an open book.
The name is Lovrcraft, Love, or if you prefer something more personal, Kahl, which still isn't my real name but is a nickname for me instead. (Although, it is quite obvious) I'm 15, studying casually in Highschool. Well not really studying. I can consider myself a smart person with great observational skills but not the most motivated. Basically, though I could get to be on par with some of the best, I'm lazy.

I'm the weird kid at class. Had anger issues in the past but nowadays, its mostly just frustration. I rarely get angry, mostly a calm person. I'm a bit argumentative though. I wad considered that weird guy becaudse of my loner disposition but I worked on that and noe I have a fairly well reputation with some friends. I'm still a weird kid but at least I'm not that weird kid.

I aspire to be a writer which is kind of contradictory as much as it complements my skills. I'm descriptive and creative, but I'm far too lax with grammar and my handwriting is completely horrid. I've been noted by my friends and teachers that I hav a talent, particularly in proses, short stories, story poems, and songs. Most of them are about romance, how all of its imperfections are its beauty and the perfection are its downfall.

I'm Filipino but my Tagalog and basically any other Filipino languagr is just bleh. I speak primarily English online even when talking to friends i know irl becausr its much easier. Of course, it is hard to communicate because I have a far more advanced vocubulary than them in English. I'm getting better at Tagalog because of me crawlin out of my loner phase and actually talking to people.

We have two cats. They are named Steph and Mercury (shortened to Curry) because wheb you say their names together, it sounds like "Stephen Curry". Steph is a white cat with brown legs that is gradually growing a black back while Mercuty is mercury black with white stripes. They like to play with the cats outside who I aldo feed. We have an army of cats, beware.