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13 October 2018 — As the leaves fade to crisp reds and yellows in Fall of 172 AG, the RCPD is no closer to finding the party responsible for the death of the Reformist activist. Is the RCPD taking sides? It seems only a matter of time before the city is in open turmoil … Read More.

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Republic City Census

There are 003 Firebenders, 003 Earthbenders, 004 Waterbenders, 002 Airbenders, 002 Nonbenders, and 003 Plot NPCs living in Republic City.
Of these citizens, there are 006 Reformists and 008 Traditionalists.

Post-A-Thought 2018

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Sometimes you just have to scream into the abyss until the abyss screams back. Sure, you could post to facebook or tumblr instead but then we wouldn't know what you're thinking. Which makes us sad. So come on, tell us what you're thinking. Feel free to ramble or just post stream-of-consciousness stuff.

Some caveats: no spamming, and please wait at least 24 hours before posting after yourself (this does not apply if someone has posted after you) before posting a new thought (remember, you can always edit your post to include new stuff if the 24 hours isn't up).
Maybe I should not have stayed up til 08:06 working on this new theme whoops. #yolo
I am having the strongest craving for something specific, but I can't seem to pinpoint what that something specific is lmao.

EDIT 1: Also my friend Sam is watching one of my favourite k-dramas, Strong Girl Bong-Soon, and his reactions are giving me LIFE.
I am tired. Today at work was draining, and I am just... so very, very tired.

EDIT 1: I thought yesterday was sunday????
On a K-Drama kick right now and currently am recommending:

Strong Girl Bong-Soon
Marriage, Not Dating!
(aka Forget Dating, Give Me the Ring!)
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Be aware though that my recommendation for Secretary Kim comes with a trigger warning for suicide and kidnapping as part of the backstory — it's not particularly graphic in terms of the death, but it's a very very obvious implication. Still, it's excellent and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.
Was playing along with some FBE react try not to sing challenges and I lost miserably lol.
This book has killed me. I am dead. I can't wait until the sequel series comes out, and it'll be years. Kill me now. No one I know IRL has read it, but at least I found someone in the chat group I'm in who has. It's helping talking to him about it.