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13 October 2018 — As the leaves fade to crisp reds and yellows in Fall of 172 AG, the RCPD is no closer to finding the party responsible for the death of the Reformist activist. Is the RCPD taking sides? It seems only a matter of time before the city is in open turmoil … Read More.

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Republic City Census

There are 003 Firebenders, 003 Earthbenders, 004 Waterbenders, 002 Airbenders, 002 Nonbenders, and 003 Plot NPCs living in Republic City.
Of these citizens, there are 006 Reformists and 008 Traditionalists.

Overarching Plot Q & A

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We really want to encourage our members to contribute to the overarching plot here on TARP. If you have any questions we can answer to help you plan your story arcs and site-wide contributions better, please use this thread to your heart's content and and will answer as soon as possible.

If you simply want to run ideas by us, that's okay too! To be honest, we will probably say YES to your contributions (though they might need a bit of tweaking to fit the key plot points we have planned), so ask away!

On that note, please do not ask us about:

  • Canon AtLA/Korra information (see the Rules & FAQ for more info)
  • Whether or not your character can be an avatar (this is best suited in a PM to Gia and Kami)
  • The Galgori (see the Rules & FAQ for more info)
  • Whether or not we'll bend any of the Character Creation rules for your idea (no, we will not)

That's it! We can't wait to get planning with you!