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Gia & Kami

Eye Colours & Bending

So a friend of mine brought this up over IM — are mixed-nation / bender-and-nonbender-union benders not bound by the eye colour + bending trait? (Note: not going to change on TARP unless there is overwhelming, normal-citizen evidence to support this)

She pointed out that Jinora, an airbender, has brown eyes, while Rohan — who, according to Katara in Ep. 1 of Book 1, is also going to be an airbender — has green eyes, like his non-bender mother.

I kind of hope this was an oversight, because I like the idea of eye colours corresponding to what element you bend. But if it's not, I think it may be because of a union between benders and nonbenders, the 'nonbender' maybe has the potential to be a particular kind of bender, and maybe any benders that result from such a union will get the "wrong" eye colour based on their non-bender parent's recessive* bending ability.

(* so to speak.)

What do you guys think?
I like the ideas of eye color corresponding to whatever bending ability someone has is a cool one but I also like the idea that a non-bender parent could make them have a different eye color. I looked back at Jinora and Rohan and noticed that they did in fact have different eye colors then what an airbender should have.
It could perhaps be something that happened more often in the Avatar Aang days because the nations were quite divided?
whitethornwolf Avatar
Nov 17, 2013 0:51:26 GMT -6 @whitethornwolf said:
It could perhaps be something that happened more often in the Avatar Aang days because the nations were quite divided?

Oh hey, said 'friend' from the OP is here. (Do you remember this convo Tani)

I think that could be possible, though we did see earthbenders with marked *green* eyes in the (united) earth kingdom, save sandbenders, iirc, and there are brown-eyed people within the EK.
I doooo! And yes, that's true. It could simply be a one-off thing. Jinora probably gets her brown eyes from her mother's side...wasn't Pema a descendant of the original Earth Kingdom chapter of the Avatar Fan Club?