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[Spoilers] Book 2: Spirits Discussion Thread

A Book 2 Discussion thread so you don't have to deal with putting spoiler tags in! You have been warned! Post your reactions to new episodes, theories for upcoming episodes, and whathaveyou.

That said, please do NOT discuss any episodes that have been leaked early, illegally downloaded, etc etc. Not only is this against ProBoards ToS, but it also lowers the ratings for the show that keeps our creativity going. is posting episodes online after they air again, so please go there if you've missed an episode.
Honestly, I think there are some definitely some good things about the show. I am still majorly disappointed that it's like "Oh, Amon was defeated, there's a President now, so everything's great in Republic City. The non-benders are cool with the benders now." They may not have said exactly that, but I definitely think that's what they're trying to make you think. Of course, that's why this site is AU, so that's another discussion for another time. As far as the show goes, I think that's a major thing that they have dropped.

Now, I don't think it's bad. I'm liking the show so far - maybe as not as much ATLA or the beginning of Season 1. I don't like the fact that Korra was giving the ability to go in and out of the Avatar State. I am hating Mako right now. -_- He seems so vanilla and as if he's only there to be Korra's support. He's really annoying me. I think it's good that Korra's learning how to be more spiritual. I don't like that she ditched Tenzin, but what can you do...

All in all, I'm a bit torn about this season so far. It's really good, but there are things that irk me... I think I'll reserve judgement until more episodes have passed but that's my feelings so far.
So far I think the Eska/Bolin relationship is the comedic high point in the few episodes of this season. Korra and Mako I'm starting to dislike a little which in a weird way I like. They have huge flaws which add a nice layer of complexity. I find myself more interested in the B-story of Tenzin. Bumi and Kya. I find their familiar tension a lot more compelling than Korra's. To me it's like drama versus melodrama.
I'm agreeing with you on everything, Hangetsu. The plot with Tenzin and his siblings is incredible because of how it makes Aang so much more human. More importantly, it is exactly what I would have expected from Aang. He spent more time with Tenzin because Tenzin was going to carry on the legacy of the Air Nomads, and he had to teach him everything he could before he died.

Once again, the fighting is really lackluster for me. There are those scenes where it's really good, but mostly, and understandably so, the fights are more MMA than traditional-looking like they were in the original series. This makes me really hope that some Northerners go knocking on Katara's home, then we can see some "traditional" waterbending.

Also, does anyone else feel like the art quality went down? I really loved the detail in the first season, and looks a little like cheap anime.
I ... am underwhelmed.

I very much dislike Mako comparing ex-girlfriends to "blood-sucking leeches". The only other girlfriend we have seen him with is Asami, and I definitely take exception to HIM calling HER the leech. And while there are some high points in the relationship with Eska and Bolin, I'm actually really tired of the crazy stalker girlfriend trope. Really, really tired. I don't know if anyone noticed in Ep. 4, but Eska's makeup was running — she was crying. Sure she's not respecting boundaries but she clearly has feelings too. I hope that relationship becomes more in depth because I am not a fan of it at all.

And... I don't know. I guess I'm gonna be Negative Nelly this season because I think the new plot is kind of boring. I don't know. I'm really not feeling it; I feel like a lot of it feels forced, just drama for the sake of drama.

Bolin as always is a bright spot in my life. I do so hate that he's now a comic relief character (though I still find him funny, what happened to his character development too?)

Also I really don't like how much they're pushing Makorra into my face. As someone incredibly dissatisfied with how they dealt with the Korra/Mako/Asami love triangle it feels like a big F-You every time Mako opens his mouth about trying to be a good boyfriend, and sweetie this and advice to Bolin that. (Also why the HELL wasn't there a quip from Asami when Bolin talked about Bad Advice Mako, HM?)