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Gia & Kami

Kami's Avatar Art!

So I wonder if you guys remember my old art thread, ahahaha. Ah well, here are some things I've done since y'all last looked.

If you were around TARP during its AtLA years you might remember a pic I started of my and Karena's OCs, Hatsuharu and Lakano (respectively). [clicky]

Sometime last year, I re-drew it :DD [click]

In 2008, I drew a picture of sokka. I didn't redraw that pic, but I did draw him again, and I think I've improved! :3 here is a side-by-side comparison of the pieces.

I'm also doing an (ongoing) study of the Korra characters. The first one I did is of Korra and some facial expressions. There are some mistakes, but I think they turned out relatively okay. I also did a study on her hand-to-hand fighting, which was referenced from the Korra Linetest that was posted a bit back. I want to learn how to draw bending better, so I figured it was a good reference/starting point.

Comments & critiques are welcome! :D
Aww, Harukano! *squeals*

In all honesty, you know how great I think you're stuff, but I couldn't help but squeal at how great the second pic is. The Korra stuff is awesome, too.
:3 I figured you'd like the Harukano pic! Thank you for your compliments. ;3

I forgot to link to this picture, which is le babby Korra that you see on our layout [click!]
*claps* Very impressive Kami looks like you've improved a lot come last I've seen your work, I really like the Korra studies you have =D
^_^ Why thank you! I'm glad the improvement isn't all in my head, haha. xD
It is most defiantly not in your head. I've always though that you were a good artist, but you can see the difference between the two Harukano pictures.
:']] thank you! I'll try to have more Korra art soon.
I drew a rough sketcb of my OC, Ling, on one of those drawing apps for android. Not quite how i wanted it, but i can only do so much with my index finger. XD [click]
Pretty good, I think, especially for an index finger haha.
Thanks! xD The program is surprisingly good and intuitive, and the quality is relatively professional (as professional as you can get, I think, for a free mobile app). The better version is only two dollars, so I'm going to see about getting that, and also saving up for a wacom pen (which is the brand of tablet I use) that is specifically designed to work with iOS or Android products. That's like, twenty five bucks though, which I don't have. xD
Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot this piece. It's older, made last summer, so I am definitely noticing a lot of flaws and errors. This was also my first attempt at rendering waterbending without using lineart, what was a very fun experience. And, if I remember correctly, this was also my first attempt at Korra. [click] I made it for a tumblr friend of mine.
Do I remember your old art thread??? PSHHH. I stalked that thread...I actually stalked it a little while back too....and now that the embarrassment is settling in -hides-

Your Korra facial expressions are amazing! Honestly, I was floored. And Ling is exceptionally adorable. And don't even get me started on your first attempt of Korra (it's wonderful).

I can't wait to see more Kami-chan!!

That first attempt at Korra is amazing! Great job!
Shuaaaaaiiii! You are so sweet! Thank you!
Thanka to both of your for your compliments. I will try and have more art soon. :3
My goodness, you are amazing. All I can draw are stick figures! :(
Aw, thank you! I do not think I am amazing, there are a lot of artists much better than me. I am still learning so there are a lot of mistakes and things for me to learn.

And let me tell you, all of my character pics start off with stick figures, so you are on your way! ;]]
Please click image for full view (opens in new tab/window and redirects to tumblr)

Trying to get used to my "new" computer and drawing on a tablet again. Base sketch drawn on the Android Sketchbook app, inked & coloured in Paint Tool SAI, photoshop for effects.
Aww! She's cute! I love it!
Holy crap, this is adorable.
Your artwork is amazing, Kami!
I'm having fun just browsing through this thread.
I especially like how Ling looks!
Thank you so much, Tae!! :']

Ling is my baby, hahaha. I will probably have a LOT more art of her soon.