Thank you for visiting TARP!

After fourteen wonderful years, we have decided it's time to close our doors.

It wasn't an easy decision to make, by any means. We have so many wonderful memories of TARP, and have made many long-lasting friendships because of this community. But, at the end of the day, it was too much of an uphill struggle to keep the roleplay active in light of the lessened interest in the Avatar universe as a whole, and the lack of fresh canon content. We can't stress just how much we're going to miss TARP and all of our characters and stories.

TARP will remain accessible as an archive to all current members; just login as usual. If you're a former member interested in accessing our archives, please contact us at [email protected].

Moving forward, Kami and Gia are hard at work on our new, original fantasy roleplay. We hope you will join us on our next adventure -- please keep an eye on this space for more information!

Thank you all again for such a wonderful fourteen years, and we hope that your future RP adventures give you as much happiness and gratification as TARP did for us.

Signing off, for the final time: thanks, and happy roleplaying!
Gia & Kami

Spoiler Warnings & Links

Please remember that there are some people who are not up to date on the latest episodes of Korra! If you are creating a thread to discuss episodes that include spoilers, please mark your thread title with [Spoilers] so that people know which threads to avoid.

If you are in a spoiler-free thread and have something that might be considered a spoiler, please use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tag to wrap around your text.

In the spirit of fairness to people who might be behind on episodes, please remember that repeatedly posting spoilers without tagging your threads or posts will result in warning levels. Let's keep Korra fresh for everyone, okay? :]]

Also! Do not post links to illegally uploaded episodes! Not only is this against ProBoards TOS, but it also hurts the show we love. It may take a while, and not all episodes may be available constantly, but is uploading new episodes.

If the videos are not available in your area, then I apologise, but TARP cannot be the source of your episode-watching needs. I hope everyone understands.