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Head Administrator — Owner
Hobbies:   reading, writing, tv & movies, music, playing video games.
About Me:   Hi, I’m Gia, the site founder. I discovered A:tLA in Season 1, Episode 6 and have been hooked ever since. I’ve been RPing for well over a decade now, starting in 2003 and still going strong.

I have an AAS in Digital Media and Web Development, as I waitress by day and nerd out by night. My other fandoms include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and other scifi / fantasy / supernatural series. I’m also a big fan of anime, like Gurren Lagann. I currently live in Texas with my roommates and my cat, Ares.

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Co-Administrator — Site Designer
Hobbies:   league of legends, pokémon, reading, tv & movies
About Me:   Yo! I’m Kami and I’m the site designer. I’ve been a fan of A:tLA since Season 1. I’ve been roleplaying since 2002, before bulletin boards were a big thing, which I think ages me. ;x

I am a front-end quality analyst currently employed by an online media company; I also do some freelance illustration and design work. I main support on League of Legends (mainly heals like Sona and Soraka), play lots of Pokémon, and love cosy mystery stories. My fiancé and I met here on TARP (d’aww) and currently reside in SoCal with our cat, Leto.

TARP Staff
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Representative Staff Account
This account does not respond to PMs
Hobbies:   being an entity of nonexistence
About Me:   Hello there! I am the representative staff account. Any joint staff decisions, announcements, plot events, and the like are posted through me. While Gia and Kami use their OOC accounts for everyday forum administration, I was created in order to present a more unified front for big decisions and changes.

Please don’t send me messages or @ tag me, as I’m only dusted off every once in a while. Please message or @ tag Gia or Kami instead. It kinda gets lonely sometimes, though. Ho-hum.