Thank you for visiting TARP!

After fourteen wonderful years, we have decided it's time to close our doors.

It wasn't an easy decision to make, by any means. We have so many wonderful memories of TARP, and have made many long-lasting friendships because of this community. But, at the end of the day, it was too much of an uphill struggle to keep the roleplay active in light of the lessend interest in the Avatar universe as a whole, and the lack of fresh canon content. We can't stress just how much we're going to miss TARP and all of our characters and stories.

TARP will remain accessible as an archive to all current members; just login as usual. If you're a former member interested in accessing our archives, please contact us at [email protected].

Moving forward, Kami and Gia are hard at work on our new, original fantasy roleplay. We hope you will join us on our next adventure -- please keep an eye on this space for more information!

Thank you all again for such a wonderful fourteen years, and we hope that your future RP adventures give you as much happiness and gratification as TARP did for us.

Signing off, for the final time: thanks, and happy roleplaying!
Gia & Kami

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  • F.A.Q.

General Rules

  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated, staff, member, and guest alike.
  2. This forum is rated PG for mild cartoon violence and minimal cursing. [RPG Rating: 1•1•1]
  3. This forum welcomes and celebrates inclusive headcanons.
  4. No metagaming, godmoding, powerplaying, mini-modding, plagiarising, or torrent sharing.
  5. Please obtain permission to use fanart and credit when necessary.
  6. No flashing gifs or added text colours, in consideration of vision impaired & photosensitive users.
  7. We are an APC (Account Per Character) forum; an OOC account is mandatory.
  8. There is no in-character posting minimum; post appropriately and do not spam.
  9. There are no formal activity checks, but accounts inactive for 90 days will be removed.

Character Creation Rules

  1. Any non-human appearance traits must be costume pieces (wings, tails, etc).
  2. Character appearance and influences must be setting-appropriate.
  3. OCs only; there are no canon characters on this forum.
  4. Jobs must be appropriate for a 1920s setting; also, no military or nobility characters.
  5. Absolutely no backstories involving rape, or sexual assault / abuse. No exceptions.
  6. Please create a new character account to post your application.
  7. Please use your best judgement; if you are in doubt, please ask a staff member!
  8. Face claims are not required, but if you use one you must use animanga-style character art.
  9. Abilities and character types that take away player agency are disallowed

Warning System

While each case is unique, our basic warning procedure is as follows: per offense, you will receive a 10 percent warning level increase. Reaching certain benchmark percentages result in the following consequences:

  • 30% - 1 Week Suspension
  • 60% - 2 Week Suspension
  • 90% - 1 Month Suspension
  • 100% - Permanent ban

Every case is different, and the staff reserves the right to increase warning level more or less than the above guidelines, depending on the situation at hand. We also reserve the right to skip straight to a suspension level, or an outright ban, depending on the severity of the rule breaking.

Instant permanent bans will be issued for [but are not limited to]: plagiarism of any sort, posting of content that violates ProBoards ToS in any manner, extreme rudeness, extreme spamming, art theft [either stealing from this forum, or posting stolen content on this forum].

By registering with TARP, you agree to follow the above rules as well as ProBoards Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.

General Questions

Q: What is the setting of this RP?

A: Our location and lore are based very loosely on ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ and ‘Legend of Korra’. The similarities end there, however, so please consider this an original, Asiatic-inspired RP. Please see the story info for a quick summary of the world state.

Q: How do I make a character?

A: First, register here on TARP. This first account will be your OOC account. This is where any member or staff messages will be sent, and where you'll make any non-roleplaying posts. Next, create a second account; this will be your IC account, and it is with this account that you will post your first character application. For further details on the application process, have a read of the Character Application section below!

Q: How do I create a character account / OOC account / switch between accounts?

A: Click the “Swap” button in the menu bar at the top of this forum (if you only have one account, you may need to logout and click the register link instead). On the page that follows, select the account you wish to post from, or the "Create new account on this forum" link. Please note that these are not sub-accounts, but rather multiple accounts under your ProBoards global login. If you did not use the same email to create all your accounts, please see this thread from ProBoards Support on how to combine your global logins.

Q: Why can't I just post from my OOC Account?

A: TARP is an Account Per Character (APC) forum. We know it may be a little confusing to start, but this allows the staff to send any communications to just one account per user instead of all accounts simultaneously. Also, this allows us to get to know you separately from your character!

Q: Can I make an airbender character?

A: Yes! Please see the story info for a short synopsis on airbender characters.

Q: I’m a returning member; what happened to the Galgori / Equalist plot?

A: To summarise, we felt that this plot — while interesting — was ultimately detrimental to the flow of the story we wanted to tell. Please see our story changes announcement for further details. No worries though: you’re free to recycle any Galgori / Equalist characters as nonbender characters and all prior threads have been saved in our archives for posterity.

Character Applications

Q: How long will it take for my application to be approved?

A: Barring US Holidays and unexpected situations, character applications are reviewed daily a 24-48 hour review window. The speediness of approval is dependent on how quickly any edits, if necessary, are made. Please be sure to check the Review Status sticky for current details.

Q: Where is the character application?

A: The character application will appear for registered members once you check off the "I have read..." agreement and click the "Submit Application" button in the Applications board. If you do not see the character application and instead see a regular text editor, please enable javascript in your browser. Remember, your application should be posted with your In-Character account, not your OOC Account!

Q: My application disappeared! What happened?

A: Please check your PMs. If you have recently submitted a character application and it has gone missing, there is a message for you in your inbox with an explanation.

Q: Does my character have to be Asian-inspired?

A: All characters should be Asian-inspired in keeping with the core of the setting, but we also welcome you to put your own spin on it with other non-Western cultures and ethnicities, including indigenous and aboriginal tribes.

Q: Where is the banned characters list?

A: We don’t have one, and we hope to never have one. We ask our members use their best judgement when creating a character to make sure their character ideas fit well into our setting and community while following the character creation rules; this way we can have a diverse and well-rounded population. If you’re not sure if your idea has been done before, please feel free to browse the character directory or to ask a staff member.

Q: Do I need an RP sample?

A: No. Since we ask that your application be written in prose, we feel that your usual writing style will already be showcased and as such requiring an RP sample in addition is redundant and superfluous.


Q: How much can we influence the plot / world?

A: As much as you would like. We have a handful of plot points that will need to stay, and we want to maintain our overall setting, but if you have ideas for events, additional plot points, or additions to our world building, please let us know!

Q: Can we play in locations outside of Republic City?

A: Not at this time or in the immediate future, but we are not opposed to it if the plot develops in an organic manner to require additional locales.

Q: Why are you rated PG?

A: While PB Tos allows for ratings up to and including PG-13, we are more comfortable keeping content PG, similar to the content you would find in an episode of the shows that inspired our forum.

Q: Where’s Korra and the Krew?

A: We are not a Legend of Korra forum. Please see the story info for further explanation.

Q: Can I be the Avatar then?

A: You can be an avatar, sure. Please see the story info for a brief synopsis of avatars in the TARP universe.

Q: What’s the word count / literacy requirement?

A: There isn’t one. ‘Literacy’ is subjective and word counts do not guarantee quality of content. We ask that our members simply provide each other with enough material to work with and drive the story forward, whatever that means to the people involved.