General Rules
1. Treat others the way you want to be treated — staff, member, and guest alike.
2. This forum is rated PG for mild cartoon violence and minimal cursing. [RPG Rating: 1•1•1]
3. This forum is accepting of positive and inclusive headcanons.
4. No metagaming, godmoding without player consent, powerplaying, mini-modding, plagiarising, or torrent sharing.
5. Please obtain permission to use fanart and credit when necessary.
6. Please keep flashing gifs to a minimum, in consideration of photosensitive users.
7. An OOC account is mandatory; users may only have one OOC account.
8. There is no in-character posting minimum.
9. There are no formal activity checks, but accounts inactive for 90 days will be removed.
Character Creation Rules
1. Any non-human appearance traits must be costume pieces (wings, tails, etc).
2. Character appearances, histories, and abilities must be in line with LoK Season 1 canon & TARP’s plot.
3. OCs only; no relationships with, similarities to, or aspects on par with canon characters.
4. Jobs must be appropriate for a 1920s setting, as per Season 1; also, no military or nobility characters.
5. Absolutely no backstories involving rape, or sexual assault / abuse. No exceptions.
6. If you are interested in helping spearhead Galgori efforts, please contact a staff member prior to posting your app.
7. Please create a new character account to post your application.
8. Please use your best judgement; if you are in doubt, please ask a staff member!
9. Face claims are not required, but if you use one you must use animanga-style character art.
Warning System
While each case is unique, our basic warning procedure is as follows: per offense, you will receive a 10 percent warning level increase. Reaching certain benchmark percentages result in the following consequences:

• 30% - 1 Week Suspension
• 60% - 2 Week Suspension
• 90% - 1 Month Suspension
• 100% - Permanent ban

Every case is different, and the staff reserves the right to increase warning level more or less than the above guidelines, depending on the situation at hand. We also reserve the right to skip straight to a suspension level, or an outright ban, depending on the severity of the rule breaking.

Instant permanent bans will be issued for [but are not limited to]: plagiarism of any sort, posting of content that violates ProBoards ToS in any manner, extreme rudeness, extreme spamming, art theft [either stealing from this forum, or posting stolen content on this forum].
By registering with TARP, you agree to follow the above rules as well as ProBoards Terms of Service & Community Guidelines.
General Questions
Q: How do I switch between accounts?
A: Make sure you register all accounts with the same email address. Click the ‘Switch’ button in the User CP on the top left of this forum, or on the icon on the bottom right of the forum depicting two people. On the following page, select the account you wish to post from.
Q: Why does my icon keep getting resized? Why is it distorted?
A: The maximum size allowed by ProBoards’ upload feature is 150 x 150. If your image exceeds this size, it will automatically be scaled down to fit whichever side is longest. If your icon is distorted, it means you have not uploaded a square icon, as requested by the large red text above the avatar uploader.
Q: How can you be an original RP and still based on Korra?
A: We are using the Equalist & Social Unrest plotline as our starting point into an AU, and removing canons and anything beyond Season 1 all together. Suggestions on how to convey this more clearly while emphasising that we‘re still within the ‘Avatar’ world are welcome! Please PM Kami with your suggestions.
Q: I'm a returning member, but my old posts aren't linking up even though my username is the same. Why?
A: ProBoards software now assigns users unique IDs. Even if you use the same username, the ID will be different and so old posts will not link back to your account. We are unable to change this functionality.
Q: Why can't I find the cbox / shoutbox / chatbox / etc?
A: While we understand chats are an integral part of many other forums, TARP does not use a chat system. We instead encourage members to utilise the personal messaging system, RP discussion board, and general board. Similarly, we feel that in-character chats do not fit in with TARP's style of RP and instead encourage members to RP in threads. If you are in need of more instantaneous contact with your RP partner(s) and fellow members, we recommend using instant messengers such as Skype or Discord.
Character Applications
Q: How long will it take for my profile to be approved?
A: Generally speaking, profiles posted Monday - Thursday are reviewed 24-48 hours after they are posted; profiles posted Friday - Sunday will be reviewed the following Monday. The length of time for final approval varies depending on how quickly any edits, if necessary, are made. Any temporary changes to this schedule will be posted in the Review Status thread.
Q: Why is the editing window so short?
A: We feel that two days after your next login is ample time to get in touch with us regarding your profile edits; if you need more time to complete the edits, just let us know before the two day period has expired.
Q: Where is my profile? It's not Pending or in the Directory!
A: If your profile was recently submitted and has gone missing, please check your PMs. If your profile was submitted previously and your account was deleted, your profile has been removed and you will need to resubmit it for approval following current TARP rules.
Q: Where is the application template and how do I use it?
A: The application template automatically appears when clicking "Submit a New Character" button in the Pending Applications board. Please ensure that javascript is enabled. Mobile users, please view the page using 'desktop' view.
Q: Where is the banned characters list?
A: We don't have one, and we hope to never have one. We ask our members use their best judgement when creating a character to make sure it fits well into TARP's plot and community and follows the character creation rules so we can have a diverse and well rounded population.
Q: Why don't I see a section for an RP sample?
A: Since we ask that your application be written in prose, we feel that your usual writing style will already showcased. We feel that requiring an RP sample in addition is redundant and suplerfuous.
Q: Why can't we have backstories involving rape, sexual abuse, etc?
A: Out of consideration to anyone who may have personal experience with these situations, TARP Staff have decided to avoid including this type of content on our forum.
Q: Why are you rated PG?
A: While PB ToS allows for ratings up to PG13, we are more comfortable keeping content PG, similar to the content you would find in an episode of the shows.
Q: Why are there no posting or literary requirements?
A: We feel that as long as our members can play off of each others' posts, the length of each post is immaterial. Additionally, we feel it is unfair to broadly define "literacy" without considering the individual circumstances of our members.
Q: Are Korra and her Krew alive? Will they be coming back?
A: Korra is 'alive' only to avoid any speculations about the Avatar reincarnating. We have no plans to reintroduce any canon characters, and hope that TARP's story can take on a life of its own outside of any canon character involvement directly or indirectly.