New Member Guide
This guide is not intended as a substitute for reading the Rules & FAQ, Story Info, or any pinned threads in individual boards. If you have any questions this guide or the Rules & FAQ do not answer, please post in the Help Centre.

After Registration
Welcome to TARP! If this is your first time here, your first time roleplaying in general, or if you’re returning after a long hiatus, please continue reading this guide to familiarise yourself with forum functionality.
Your Out of Character Account
Since TARP is an account-per-character site, having an OOC account is required. All staff correspondence will be sent to this account, including profile PMs, so be sure to set it up!
Come Say Hello!
We’d love to meet you, so create a new thread in the Member Introductions board and tell us about yourself!

Posting a Profile
Your Character Account
If you haven’t already, create a new account for your character with the same email you used for your OOC account. Capitalise your name properly, then head on over to the Pending Applications board.
Your Character Profile
The application template will load immediately when clicking the “New Thread” button. Please fill out the form as instructed. If you need to make edits, click the “edit” button, and make sure the "preview" tab is selected (if you see UBBC, switch!).

When your profile is being reviewed, you will see [P - Name] added to the title, where ‘name’ is the staff members reviewing it.. Please don’t PM asking if it’s done! See the FAQ for more details.

Once your profile is approved & moved to the Character Directory, you can roleplay!
Finding RP Partners
The RP Discussion area has a subboard called Plotting & Want Ads. You can post a thread looking for a partner / partners here, or reply to someone else’s thread offerring to RP with them.
Starting Threads
Feel free to start an RP thread in any one of our RP locations (located under the big banner that says “The United Republic of Nations”). You can have as many threads for as many approved characters as you feel you can handle
Liquid Time
Your threads can be played out of chronological order as long as they follow the site’s current timeframe / events.
Ending a Thread
If you feel that your RP thread has run its course, please send a staff member a PM to have the thread locked and archived. Threads that are inactive for 30 days will be assumed completed

Forum Functionality
New PMs, bookmarks, and notifications (quotes and @tags) will be indicated with a hmber in parenthesis next to the Inbox, Saved, and User CP icons, respectively. [E.G.: Inbox (1) depicts one new message]
New Content
Boards with new posts: indicated with a bright blue bar on the left side of the board, while threads have a bright blue star next to the thread name or in the ‘Participated’ box. Click the ‘Participated’ box to see the specific threads with new content.
Switching Accounts
Click the ‘Switch’ button in your user panel at the top left of the forum, then select the account you want to post with.
Announcements and Mass PMs
TARP staff may post announcements or send out mass messages. Announcements will be labled as either “News” or “Plot” in the Updates box, and mass messages will be labled [Mass PM] in your inbox.